Termination of cooperation with Samsung; Google produces the first fully dedicated Tensor processor!

Termination of cooperation with Samsung;  Google produces the first fully dedicated Tensor processor!


news agency information In an exclusive report, quoting knowledgeable sources, it is written that Google planned to produce the first fully dedicated Tensor series processor in 2024, but has delayed the production date until 2025.

The current Tensor series processors are a modified version of Samsung’s Exynos and are used in Pixel phones. Apparently, Google has sought to replace these processors with the Redondo chip; But now it runs on another custom chip codenamed Laguna.

A former manager of Google’s chip team, who did not want to be identified, says that the challenges related to retaining employees and coordinating Google’s American and Indian teams have partly affected the delay in the production of the company’s proprietary chip.

The team responsible for Google’s new project is very upset with the company’s decision to cancel the development of “Multiple Tensor Chips” in the last two years.

The path taken by Google reminds us of meta. Meta has been trying to build a custom chip for VR and AR devices for a long time, but it finally signed a deal with Qualcomm to go with the Snapdragon XR series of chips.

Apparently, Google is still interested in using Samsung’s semi-custom chips, but wants to move the production line to TSMC. TSMC is the largest contract chip manufacturer in the world and has customers such as Apple.

According to the new report, the Laguna processor is supposed to be based on “advanced packaging technology used almost exclusively by Apple.” This technology improves the efficiency of energy consumption and leads to the production of a thinner processor.

Tensor team members have not been able to hand over the Redondo chip design to TSMC in 2022 to begin trial production, sources said. This issue finally made Google cancel the mass production of Redondo. The former director of the company says that Redondo is supposed to be a test chip so that Tensor’s engineers can prepare for production of the Laguna as well as possible.

The Laguna processor will probably be unveiled under the name Tensor G5 and will be based on TSMC’s 3nm lithography. Three-nanometer lithography has a significant effect on reducing energy consumption and increasing processing power, and the demand for it will probably be very high. Apple is rumored to have reserved 90% of TSMC’s first-generation 3nm lithography production capacity.

Google plans to completely abandon Samsung chips by 2025 and turn Tensor into a proprietary chip. According to Information, the American giant of the search industry currently wants to supply ARM cores for its chips.

Tensor processors like the Exynos tend to overheat, and this is one of the biggest criticisms of Pixel phones. Abandoning Samsung’s design could help Google compete more fiercely with Apple.


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