The important feature of Android’s default messenger is disabled by rooting the phone

Users using rooted Android phones as well as those with unlocked bootloader have noticed RCS not working in their Google Messenger app in recent weeks.

Users of custom and rooted Android ROMs cannot send or receive messages based on the RCS standard through Google Messenger. According to reports posted on RedditThese users can verify their phone number in the mentioned program, but the RCS function is not active for them. Some people have reported RCS messages disappearing after hitting send.

No message is shown to users that RCS messaging is not working on rooted Android phones, so people may not be aware that their messages are not being sent.

RCS messaging functionality is generally not available for Iranian users; Because providing this feature requires Google’s cooperation with mobile operators.

Normal texting still works on rooted Android devices or phones with an unlocked bootloader. Google says that if RCS messaging isn’t available on Android devices, users can still use the standard SMS sending protocol.

Some users have found a way to use RCS messaging on their rooted Android device by bypassing the safety feature called Play Integrity API. In fact, it seems that the mentioned feature is responsible for preventing the device from accessing RCS.

Features like Google Pay, banking services, and other similar apps won’t work on rooted devices, but completely blocking key communication functions on these phones seems far-fetched.

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