The head of Instagram clarified: We do not want to replace Twitter with Twitter

The head of Instagram clarified: We do not want to replace Twitter with Twitter


Adam Musserythe head of Instagram, in response to the reporter Verge He said that the social network Trades was not created to replace Twitter. This statement is raised while many users have called Trades the most serious competitor of Twitter in recent days and compared these two social networks.

Moussari says that the Threads application does not want to become a forum for politicians and important news in the field of war and politics.

According to Musari, focusing on the news makes Trades vulnerable to regulatory investigations and negativity, and Meta does not intend to take such an approach; Even if political news causes the visit and income of Trades to increase.

Adam Moussari says there are many communities such as sports, music, fashion, beauty and entertainment, and Trades wants to have a say in these areas. Meta aims to make Trades a “vibrant platform” without focusing on politics or breaking news.

In recent years, Meta has distanced itself from the field of news and politics and has even reduced the amount of political content available on Facebook. The company removed the word News from the name of the main Facebook feed last year. Meta said it will stop publishing news on Facebook and Instagram in response to Canada’s new law (which requires companies to pay the government to publish local news).

In another post, the head of Instagram says that Trades does not seek to lower the ranking of news and political content, but it does not deal with this type of content like the old Facebook.

Adam Mussery believes that Trades will not replace Twitter: “The goal is not to replace Twitter. “The goal is to create a public square for Instagram communities that never really went to Twitter.”

The head of Instagram added: “We are also looking to create a platform for users on Twitter and other platforms who are interested in a less angry environment to have a conversation; But this environment is not supposed to be for all Twitter users.”

Trades was published on Thursday morning Tehran time and in a short time it reached more than 70 million users. Threads currently has limited functionality and displays posts in an algorithmic feed. Trades social network may be equipped with Direct in the future.


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