The game of Hugh Jackman and Elliott Page in The Last of Us series thanks to artificial intelligence! [تماشا کنید]


Naughty Dog Studio released the first part of The Last of Us game years ago; But this game was never forgotten and while winning numerous awards, it found itself in the hearts of gamers. The popularity of The Last of Us prompted HBO to produce an exciting series based on this game.

The last survivor of us series Which was produced based on the first part of the game, as expected, it became very popular. With each new episode, the number of viewers increased.

The Last of Us story Joule And To narrates; Two people whose destinies are intertwined in a world full of zombies.

In the series The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey They played the role of Jewel and Eli respectively. However, what if Hugh Jackman And Eliot (Ellen) Page Were they in The Last of Us series? Thanks to artificial intelligence, we now know the answer to this question.

Hugh Jackman starring Wolverine It has become immortal in the minds of film and series enthusiasts and Elliott Page has a brilliant career in the cinema industry. Nevertheless, the absence of Jackman and Page in The Last of Us series was not felt much; Because Pascal and Ramsey played a brilliant game.

The impact of artificial intelligence on the cinema industry is not a new thing. Thanks to artificial intelligence, special computer effects are quickly applied to the image and any person can be placed as another person. This technology, in addition to its advantages, strongly feeds the deepfake market.

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