Apple is apparently testing a 32-inch iMac model

Apple is apparently testing a 32-inch iMac model


The latest version of the PowerOn newsletter Mark German As always, it included various news about Apple products, although it is said that some of them will probably not be introduced until late 2024.

Garmin has changed its prediction regarding the timeline for the introduction of the iMac equipped with the M3 chip, and now claims that the product will be released early next year. He previously said that the iMac M3 would be available in the second half of 2023.

written by VergeIt makes perfect sense for Apple to work on a larger iMac; Because most people like a bigger screen. Currently, the tech giant from Cupertino is releasing a 24-inch version of the iMac; While it used to launch this product with 21.5 and 27 inch screens.

The larger screen is great for creative work. Being able to accurately see small details when editing photos or videos is very important, and this is certainly true for music creators as well.


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