The first generation iPhone was sold at an auction for more than 6 billion Tomans!


In late June, an extremely rare, fully sealed original iPhone was auctioned. The 4GB version of this phone, which was only produced for a few months, broke the world record and sold for $158,000 after the auction with an estimated value of $100,000.

Over the past years, we have seen auctions of first generation iPhones that have not yet been taken out of their original boxes. In February, a first generation iPhone was sold for $63,000, and in April, another similar model was sold for $18,000.

However, LCG Auctions estimated that the first version of the iPhone that was fully sealed and packaged with 4GB of storage would sell for between $50,000 and $100,000. The auction started on June 30 with a base price of $10,000 and the highest bid until yesterday was around $42,000.

Interestingly, on the day and the final hours of the auction, the demand for the original 4 GB iPhone increased, the offered price reached $158,644 from $67,000, which is 250% higher than the February record of $63,000 for another similar iPhone.

In comparison, the 4GB iPhone was launched at a whopping $499, and now the price of the said device has increased almost 318 times in the last 16 years.

The important point is that the rare iPhone was auctioned by one of the former Apple engineers who also worked on the construction of this phone. LCG Auctions described the condition of the iPhone 4GB: “Our offer is a very rare, fully sealed model with 4GB of storage. Almost all edges and factory seals are present in fine detail on the box and the labels on the back of the device are properly sealed. This iPhone is brand new and has never been activated. The original owner of this phone was one of the former Apple engineers and it will be hard to find another similar example in this condition. Model ID: A1203, Order MA501LL/A 4GB.”

written by 9to5macThe reason for the high price of the 4 GB iPhone is that this model is rare, because recently in another auction we saw another similar iPhone with 8 GB storage for only $44,771.

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