Intel’s 15th generation processors experience up to 21% generational improvement

Igor’s LAB It says Intel recently held a meeting with employees to unveil its predictions for the processing power of its Arrow Lake-S chips. Arrow Lake-S is the next generation of Intel’s consumer processors, and it’s not coming anytime soon.

According to Intel’s leaked slide, the 15th generation Arrow Lake-S series processors will be up to 21% faster than the 14th generation Raptor Lake-S Refresh processors. For this comparison, Intel has used two processors with eight high-power cores and 16 low-power cores.

The interesting thing is that Intel apparently tuned Arrow Lake’s PL1 and PL2 processors to 250 watts, which is three watts less than the refreshed Raptor Lake. This difference in power is unlikely to have a significant impact on the performance of the processors.

The processors that Intel compared are the 14th generation and 15th generation versions of the Core i9-13900K processor (the 13th generation Raptor Lake family). The 13900K similarly has eight high-power cores and 16 low-power cores. Intel is rumored to be making some Arrow Lake models with more cores.

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