The departure of the senior Iranian manager from Apple made news; Who is Ali Farhadi?

At Policy of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence It has been stated that this organization seeks to build artificial intelligence systems with the ability to reason, learn and read. This non-profit institution was born in 2014.

In recent months, artificial intelligence has become a top trend in the tech industry, and while many giants, including Microsoft and Google, have a strong presence in the market, Apple continues to push its plans in secret.

written by 9to5MacAli Farhadi is going to join Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence as CEO. Farhadi joining this institution is not a strange event; Because the Xnor․ai startup was somehow considered a product of the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

Farhadi is a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and works as a professor at the University of Washington. He says:

According to media claims, Ali Farhadi was leading “Apple’s next generation machine learning projects”. Machine learning plays a prominent role in many Apple products; From the health features of Apple Watch to some smart iPhone systems and…

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