Development of Mobinnet communication infrastructure and database by opening 3 new projects

Development of Mobinnet communication infrastructure and database by opening 3 new projects


According to the public relations report of Mobinnet Communications Company, this ceremony was held in the central building of this company with the presence of some of the first deputy assistants and managers of Mobinnet.

The first project introduced in this event was the third Mebinnet data center that has been put into operation in Paya Communication Industries Building. This data center, which was built with the most up-to-date infrastructure facilities, including cooling system, fire alarm and extinguishing system, monitoring system, etc., was designed and implemented entirely by Mobinnet’s internal experts and plays an important role in the development of Mobinnet’s data center infrastructure.

In the continuation of this event, Mobinnet’s 100 new TD-LTE sites were unveiled and the 10th site was also opened in the presence of Hamid Behrouzi, Deputy CEO of Mobile Communications Company (Mahram Aol) and added to Mobinnet’s TD-LTE network. These sites were launched in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Ahvaz, Mahshahr and Abadan.

Mebinnet’s fiber optic service, which was introduced and commercialized under the name of FIBERLINK in September 1401, and in the first phase, has covered the towers and complexes of Tehran and Shiraz; In this ceremony, the connection of its 1,000th subscriber was celebrated. This service has been launched using Mobinnet’s fiber optic network infrastructure in more than 35 prominent towers in Tehran and Shiraz, and up to now more than 120 thousand meters of fiber optic has been laid in the said towers.

Mebinnet’s 5 million euro investment in wireless infrastructure

According to the chairman of the board of directors of Mebinnet, the development project of this company’s radio network started a year ago. In the last 4 years, the demand on the Mebinnet network has grown 3 times, in this direction and in the first phase of this project, with the aim of developing the capacity in both layers of the access network and the Core, an investment of 5 million euros was made.


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