The conflict between the ministry and telecommunications; Issuance of license subject to fulfillment of obligations

After it was announced that the Radio Communications Regulatory Organization had rejected the request of Iran Telecommunication Company to renew the company’s license, today one of the important questions of the journalists to the Minister of Communications on the sidelines of the government delegation meeting was about this issue.

In this regard, Zarepour announced that the shortcomings of the telecommunication company and the non-aggregation of the Internet network by this company have caused network saturation and created problems for the people, and the National Center for Cyberspace should take care of corporate governance. Also, he added that the Ministry of Communications does not see a reason to renew the license of this company.

In this context, the Minister of Communications pointed to the non-fulfillment of the obligations of the Iranian Telecommunication Company to increase the quality of the network and said:

He continued to call people’s complaints about the services of this network the first example of people’s complaints and said:

The non-participation of the telecommunications company in the optical fiber project was another criticism that the Minister of Communications pointed out:

Zarepour firmly stated that despite these problems, the Ministry of Communications will not renew the company’s license:

He explained the condition of issuing a new license for Iran Telecommunication Company as follows:

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