Recommendations of “Artbat Nemagstar” company about night vision CCTV for homes and buildings

Recommendations of “Artbat Nemagstar” company about night vision CCTV for homes and buildings


The Dahua license plate reader camera separates and displays people’s images well. The affordable Dahua camera even has the ability to zoom in on people’s images. Before buying, we recommend that you use the consulting services to install Nemagaster home security cameras and the best security cameras for your home; Because the smallest negligence will be equal to high cost and wasting time and increasing the possibility of theft.

More surveillance with color night vision CCTV

In order to check the color night vision CCTV camera, we asked the opinion of one of Nemagaster’s communication experts; This expert stated that with a black and white night vision CCTV camera, you can have sufficient surveillance; But in big companies and big hotels and places with a lot of light, a color night vision CCTV camera is needed.

Cameras with a built-in night vision system monitor light levels and when the light gets too low for color video, the infrared light system turns on and emits infrared light that only the camera can detect; Thus, the produced video changes from color to black and white or true night vision. Zero light is required for operation.

Normal night vision CCTV camera or color night vision CCTV camera?

Engineer Khosravi, Nemagstar’s communication expert, says that if your selection criterion is based on price, you should note that some models of color night vision CCTV cameras have a lower price than ordinary black and white cameras. When choosing these types of cameras, you should pay attention to the type of space available for installing the camera and measure the amount of light; If you have an old DVR device, ordinary CCTV cameras are suitable for you as they require less space. If camera coverage is important to you, sometimes regular black and white security cameras have more coverage than color security cameras.


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