The CEO of the Social Security Organization during his visit to the Raitel booth at the Alcomp exhibition stated: Benefiting from the capacity of Raitel in providing services to the insured.


Mirhashem Mousavi visited the booth of Raitel communication services company at the 26th Elcomp exhibition and visited the services and achievements of this operator in various fields of communication and intelligence technologies and considered the benefit of Raitel’s capacity to be useful and effective in providing services to the insured.

According to Raitel Public Relations, during the visit that took place on Thursday, July 8, 1402 in Hall 27 of the Tehran International Exhibition, the CEO of Social Security stated: Social Security Organization, as the largest social insurance institution in the country, has direct communication with more than 53% of the society. It has an indirect relationship with all members of the society. In addition to following its own mission, this organization works in the direction of facilitating the provision of services through the smart plan as one of its strategic priorities.

Referring to benefiting from the capacities of Raitel in the social security services, Mousavi emphasized: Raitel will play an effective and key role in providing these services and matters related to health.

He continued: Raitel communication services company has a national and extensive capacity that can be used in interactive sections related to communication technology in social security.

Referring to a part of the organization’s services in the field of health, the social security CEO explained: the number of non-attendance services of the social security organization has increased from 30 services to 42 non-attendance services. Also, the design of the electronic version was developed during this period, and its stability reached more than 95%, and it has reached the point of complete stability in terms of hardware and software. Several large and serious projects have also been defined as the main steps of social security smartening and are being pursued, and we are trying to reduce human interventions in providing services and even insurance technical calculations as much as possible.

Mousavi added: The development process of Rightel in line with the digital economy can provide a platform for the ease of providing services to the insured, and this type of activity of Rightel is considered very useful and important.

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