The cause of vacuum cleaner noise; Examining different sounds of vacuum cleaners

The cause of vacuum cleaner noise;  Examining different sounds of vacuum cleaners

What is the cause of the high noise of the vacuum cleaner?

As we said at the beginning, a vacuum cleaner is naturally a noisy device; But in some cases, environmental factors or failure of some parts cause an abnormal sound in the device. Among the most important factors, we can mention vacuum cleaner tube clogging, vacuuming hard objects, vacuum cleaner bag filling, vacuum cleaner motor damage, and vacuum cleaner body vibration, which we will examine in detail below.

1. Clogged vacuum cleaner pipe

Blockage of the pipe and hose is the main cause of high noise in the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes, when we are busy sweeping the place we want, large objects such as crumpled paper, sock hems, etc. may be unintentionally dragged into the sweeper. These large objects get stuck in the path of the pipe or hose and lead to the blocking of the garbage exit path to the bag.

At this time, the sound of the vacuum cleaner will be heard much louder than before and it will somehow warn you that there is a problem. By removing the blocking factor, the sound of the vacuum cleaner becomes much less and returns to normal.

2. Sweeping hard objects

In general, vacuuming hard objects can also produce unusual noise in the vacuum cleaner. For example, if a metal object like a coin is dragged into the sweeper, the sound of the device will intensify and go out of normal mode.

tip: When you hear any loud noise, you should first turn off the vacuum cleaner and try to fix it. The presence of nails and sharp metals inside the housing or bag of the vacuum cleaner can cause severe damage to the above device.

3. Filling the vacuum cleaner bag

According to the amount of use of the vacuum cleaner and the amount of garbage, it is necessary to replace the bag after several times of use. For devices that do not have a bag, it is recommended to empty the trash compartment after each use. In general, filling the bag imposes a lot of pressure on the vacuum cleaner, and this will cause abnormal noise in the above device.

4. Breakdown of the vacuum cleaner motor

The engine of the above device has moving parts. When the vacuum cleaner is turned on, the motor starts to rotate, and the electric force is the main factor in the rotation of its parts. Normally AC motors make a louder sound, but DC motor vacuum cleaners are much quieter. The presence of any problems in the motor operation can cause excessive noise in the vacuum cleaner.

tip: Try to pay attention to the brand and country of manufacture of the device while buying. Some vacuum cleaners are loud from the first days, but reputable brands often work with a quieter motor. If there is a problem with the motor, a loud noise may be heard when starting the device. In these cases, be sure to turn off the device and contact the relevant repairmen.

5. Vacuum cleaner body vibration

Any vibration in the body of the vacuum cleaner can increase the vibrations of the device. If the sound of the device becomes loud while sweeping, check the body of the vacuum cleaner and fix the abnormal sounds with a slight movement. If the above instructions do not solve your problem, be sure to coordinate with experienced repairmen for a more detailed check.

tip: The working system of the vacuum cleaner is in a way that by sucking air, it enters the garbage into its compartment. Try to always place the vacuum cleaner on a flat surface for better performance.

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