The best way to detect and block app tracking on Android

Over the years, Google has tried to do a better job of telling you whether an app is sharing data with other people, and even what kind of information it’s collecting. In fact, you can now see if app developers are taking steps to protect your information. Among them, we can mention the encryption of information during transfer or the permission to delete the account.

You can find this information by visiting the app’s Play Store page and scrolling to the “Data safety” section. Google data can help you gauge app tracking status; But they don’t tell you how to stop it. Therefore, if you want to actively prevent an app from tracking you, you should use third-party tools. In the following, we will mention some of these programs.

Using the Aurora Store

Aurora is an alternative way to access and download Play Store apps. With this program, you can download apps anonymously without creating a Google account.

By using Aurora Store, you will maintain your privacy; Because no one will get a report of all the apps you have installed. However, you can further limit the tracking by using the additional information it shows about the apps.

When you open a specific app’s page in Aurora, there’s a section called Privacy that lists the known trackers in the app. In the Permission section, you will see the detailed permissions requested by the program.

You cannot block tracking with Aurora; But with its help, you will be able to recognize dangerous options.

Use NetGuard

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