Alarm for Intel; AMD Ryzen 8040 processors bring artificial intelligence to laptops

AMD drew a line for Intel last January with the launch of the Ryzen 7040 series as the first x86 processors equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for performing artificial intelligence tasks. Intel’s Core Ultra Meteor Lake processor is considered the first chip manufactured by this company that was integrated with the NPU unit.

AMD today announced the Ryzen 8040 series processors. This product is designed with the aim of equipping the next generation of laptops with artificial intelligence and shows the future roadmap of the mentioned company.

According to AMD, Ryzen 8040 processors are up to 1.4 times faster than their previous generation in terms of Llama 2 and AI Vision functions. According to reports, the new generation of AMD processors perform 1.8 times and 1.4 times better than the previous model in game execution and content production, respectively.

AMD’s neural processing unit will be available on all Ryzen 8040 series processors except for the two lower-end Ryzen 5 8540U models with 6 cores and the Ryzen 3 8440U with 4 cores. The company says that the Ryen 7040’s XDNA NPU can reach 10 TOPS (10 tera operations per second or 10,000 giga operations per second).

The NPU power of the Ryzen 8040 processor can reach 16 TOPS. AMD has also introduced its next NPU architecture, codenamed Strix Point, which has more than 3 times the performance power of its current neural processing unit architecture. In fact, the level of ambitions of the red team in the field of artificial intelligence will not decrease anytime soon.

AMD and Intel lag behind Qualcomm in bringing NPUs to Windows PCs, as the company’s SQ3 is used in the 5G version of Service Pro 9.

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