The best laptop for graphic work and video editing from different brands

The best laptop for graphic work and video editing from different brands


Depending on their technical specifications, design and performance, laptops are used for a wide range of uses, from gaming and programming to 3D design and engineering; But undoubtedly for today’s world with people’s endless thirst for content, one of the most basic uses of a laptop is graphic design and video editing.

Among the multitude of laptops that are sometimes sold with deceptive technical specifications and not very efficient, it is difficult to choose a model that can have the best performance in relation to its price tag; For this reason, we have decided to introduce the best laptops suitable for graphic work and video editing among the models available in the Iranian market in the upcoming article.

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In the past few years, the laptop market in Iran has become very unorganized. On the one hand, laptops of every generation, especially Windows laptops, enter the country with a long delay and of course astronomical prices, and on the other hand, laptops of some brands such as Dell and HP have become very rare, and efficient models of other brands are also imported very limited and scattered. .


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