The best face primer brand with Elanza website

The best face primer brand with Elanza website


My Matt Touch primer

If you are planning to buy the best brand of Iranian face primer, it is better to include Mai brand among your options. My Matt Touch model primer is specially produced for oily skin and therefore does not contain oil.

This primer uses skin-nourishing vitamins such as A, B, D, and E, which prevent skin wrinkles and nourish the face.

This primer is colorless and has a light and silky texture. Therefore, different people with different skin colors can use it to base their makeup and cover their skin imperfections.

According to many consumers, Inli is the best face primer brand. These people use inlay primer because it is fat-free and does not cause shine and pimples on the face.

Inlay primer is also composed of skin nutrients such as vitamin E and provides the moisture needed by the facial skin. Using inlay primer, skin defects are completely covered and you can experience professional and long-lasting makeup.

Arden Matte Primer Expert Age Series

People with oily skin are unhappy with the shine of their skin after makeup. These people need a matte primer that removes the shine of the skin and creates a matte effect.

If you also suffer from this problem and are looking for the best brand of primer for oily skin, you must try Arden Mattifying Primer. This product eliminates facial radiance, fatigue, stress, and skin aging, and due to its nutritious ingredients, provides the necessary moisture to the face.

Arden primer can be used for all skin types and increases the longevity of facial makeup. For the reasons mentioned, the most fans of Arden Mattifying Primer are people with oily skin.

The best primer brand for open pores

If the size of your open pores is large, you cannot eliminate this problem by using powder cream and pancakes.

Therefore, you need a quality primer that covers the surface of the skin well and removes the open pores of the skin. For this reason, we will continue to introduce the best brand of primer for open skin pores.

Benefit pore shrinking primer

If you are looking for the best primer brand for open skin pores, be sure to get the Benefit Pore Shrinking Primer. This product is made for all types of skin, especially oily skin, and it reduces the size of open skin pores and eliminates facial blemishes.

Benefit Primer is non-greasy, has a light texture and gives a matte and natural effect to your skin. Benefit primer also protects the facial skin against pollution and free radicals.

Isolation model lamella natural color primer

As the best primer brand for open skin pores, we are going to introduce the natural color primer of Lamila model Isolation.

This product shrinks the open pores of the skin and moisturizes the skin, making the face fresh. Also, Lamila’s natural color primer covers other skin defects such as spots and acne and makes the skin of the face completely smooth and uniform.

In this article, we introduced the best face primer brand for oily and dry skin. We also introduced the best primers on the market to reduce the size of open skin pores.

If you want to make up like a professional and increase the longevity of your face makeup, be sure to buy a quality primer and use it as a makeup base.


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