The battle of browsers to dominate the market; Edge is still in third place and setting a new record for Safari

The battle of browsers to dominate the market; Edge is still in third place and setting a new record for Safari


Statcounter’s June 2023 report details desktop web browsers and changes in their market share. According to this report, Chrome is still in first place; But it has lost a percentage share of its users, and Edge has remained almost unchanged in its third place compared to before, and finally, we are witnessing the continued expansion of Safari’s market share.

Note that Statcounter statistics are never completely accurate; For this reason, the actual share of desktop web browsers may not exactly match this data. Google Chrome still dominates the desktop web browser market with a 61.1% share; Of course, the share of this browser decreased by 4.78% last month, which is really noteworthy.

In contrast, Safari continues to grow after overtaking Microsoft Edge in March 2023. Currently, Apple’s desktop browser has reached its largest share of the market, i.e. 14.45%, which is 1.6% more compared to the previous month.

Finally, Edge is the third most popular browser in the world with a share of 10.77%, which increased by 0.83% compared to last month to reach more than 10% again. Next, the list of the top five desktop web browsers in the world according to the announcement Statcounter Come:

  • Google Chrome 61.1% (4.78% decrease)
  • Apple Safari 14.45% (1.6% increase)
  • Microsoft Edge 10.77% (0.83% increase)
  • Mozilla Firefox 6.04% (0.74% increase)
  • Opera 5.31% (1.27% increase)

It is interesting to know that the market share of the mobile version of these browsers is very different from the desktop version. Google Chrome is still the most popular browser among users in this market, and Edge is not even in the list of top five browsers. Next, you can see the top mobile browsers in the world:

  • Google Chrome 64.82% (3.55% increase)
  • Apple Safari 24.82% (2.85% decrease)
  • Samsung browser 4.3% (0.65% decrease)
  • UC Browser equivalent to 1.81% (0.28% decrease)
  • Opera 1.75% (0.04% decrease)


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