The best canopy for water cooler

The best canopy for water cooler


How to prevent water cooler decay? Have you ever wondered what to do to prevent your air conditioner from rusting or to make it more efficient? Using a water cooler shade is the best answer to these questions; Because it increases the efficiency of the cooler and its lifespan.

Since water coolers are usually placed on the roof of buildings, they cannot withstand direct sunlight and will wear out over time. Also, direct sunlight causes the cooler to absorb a lot of heat and as a result, it does not have the required efficiency.

Using the right shade for the water cooler will help you save on the water and electricity consumption of the cooler and increase the cooling rate of the environment. If you haven’t thought of using a shader yet, stay with Zoomit until the end of this article.

Important points in buying a water cooler canopy

Before buying a water cooler canopy, you should consider important points. By considering the factors that we will talk about next, you can make an informed decision and choose a shade that will provide the best protection for your water cooler.

Shade size

The first and most important point before buying a water cooler canopy is to pay attention to its size. You need to make sure that the selected canopy matches your water cooler. A canopy that is too small or disproportionate will not provide adequate protection from the sun or rain. Additionally, a very large awning may be difficult to install and may not look very attractive.

Another important point is the type of canopy you get. Awnings are usually made of different materials, including plastic, thick fabrics, aluminum and mats; Therefore, you should choose a material that will last a long time. Also, since you want to use it in rainy seasons, it should have a water-resistant structure so that it can protect the cooler in different weather conditions.

Cooler location

Before buying a shade, it is important to consider the location of your water cooler. If your cooler is located in a place that is directly exposed to sunlight, it is better to go for full cover canopies that prevent heat from entering all parts of the cooler. In addition, consider the location of the cooler for installing the canopy and choose the right product according to the location of the cooler.

How to install the shade

Before buying a canopy, pay attention to how to install it. Since some awnings require professional installation, if you don’t want to incur additional costs, go for an awning that you can install yourself. It should be mentioned that currently many shades do not have a complicated installation; However, you should choose a shade that is easy to install and has clear installation instructions.

Insulation against heat and cold

Another important point in choosing a water cooler shade is that you want the product to be used only in hot weather or you prefer to protect the cooler from rain and snow as well. Although some awnings are resistant to cold seasons due to the type of design and construction, usually an awning designed for use in hot weather may not be suitable for use in cold weather. If you are only looking for protection for cold seasons, you can go for water cooler covers available in the market.

The most popular and best canopy for water cooler

Safdam water cooler canopy


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