Confirmation of a new anti-hair loss drug with remarkable effectiveness in patients with ringworm

Confirmation of a new anti-hair loss drug with remarkable effectiveness in patients with ringworm


Severe hair loss caused by an autoimmune disease (alopecia areata) may be reversible in some patients with daily oral medication for several months.

According to Science AlertA new double-blind randomized clinical trial on the mentioned drug has had promising results. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also recently approved the use of this drug for patients 12 years and older.

Alopecia is characterized by hair loss on the head, face or body. This shedding occurs when the immune system attacks the individual’s own hair follicles. In such a situation, although most people are physically healthy, complete or partial hair loss can cause serious mental and emotional damage to them.

Some sufferers of severe types of this disease lose all their head hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and the rest of their body hair. This disease is known as “alopecia universalis”. Such severe cases are resistant to existing treatments; But a new drug called “ritlecitinib” can help change these conditions.

In the second and third phases of the clinical trial, the new oral drug was able to reverse the hair loss of about a quarter of the patients up to 80%. It seems that the new drug is one of the efficient methods of alopecia treatment so far; Because it is very effective and many people tolerate it well.

In 2022, another oral drug called baricitinib was approved by the FDA for the exclusive treatment of alopecia in adults, which will be effective about 20 percent of the time at the prescribed dose.

In the coming weeks, ritlecitinib will be available to patients as a much-needed alternative. Pfizer will sell this drug under the brand name “LITFULO™” and its recommended dose is 50 mg per day.

Brittany Craiglowa dermatologist from Yale University in America, says in a press release from Pfizer:


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