The best Android horror games; Play with your soul!

The best Android horror games;  Play with your soul!


  • Score on Google Play: 4.1
  • Internet required: does not have
  • Price: Free/in-app purchase
  • Manufacturer: Keplerians Horror Games

As the last option on the list, Mr. We present to you Meat 2: Prison Break, which is one of the best Android horror games. Of course, you can play the first episode first and then come to Prison Break to fully understand the story line.

After the events of the previous game, Mr. Meat was arrested and imprisoned by the police for his crimes. After years of imprisonment in prison, the day of his execution has come and all the people related to this case have gathered to witness his execution.

In this new episode, you play as Rebecca, the daughter of Mr. Meat, who, after being saved in the previous game, gets involved in a new nightmare when she goes to watch her father’s execution. Look for a way out of the prison and solve puzzles while escaping this psycho killer.

Introduction of online sites for horror games

As the final part of the article several Online site to play games We have collected them that you can entertain yourself with. Here is a list of websites that feature horror games:


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