Geoffrey Hinton: Artificial intelligence makes poor people poorer

Geoffrey Hinton: Artificial intelligence makes poor people poorer


Jeffrey Hintona University of Toronto professor known as the “Godfather of Artificial Intelligence” for his valuable research in neural networks, left Google this spring to freely criticize AI technology.

Hinton believes that the sudden popularity of AI services such as ChatGPT and Bing Chat is indicative of an unbridled and possibly dangerous acceleration in the development of AI. Google used to be very cautious in the field of artificial intelligence, but the competition in the market made the company to focus on artificial intelligence more seriously.

Geoffrey Hinton mentioned his concerns about artificial intelligence in a new conference. As big tech companies look to AI as a do-it-all assistant, Hinton is sounding the alarm.

According to Android, the godfather of artificial intelligence, says that the good version of AI probably won’t be able to compete with the bad version of this proud technology. He also believes that the ethical use of artificial intelligence will be very costly.

Hinton says it is very difficult to prevent the production of killer military robots; Because corporations and armies love wars where human casualties are replaced by robot casualties. While pointing to the impact of large language models on human productivity, Hinton says that the dominant market sector may use these models to increase their power too much to further increase the wealth gap. According to Hinton, in this situation, “the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.”

Geoffrey Hinton reiterated his earlier controversial claim that artificial intelligence is a threat to the human race. If AI becomes smarter than humans, there is no guarantee that humans will be able to control this technology.

If AI decides to take control away from humans to achieve its goals, “we’re going to be in trouble.” Hinton says the dangers of artificial intelligence are not just limited to science fiction movies and we need to take them seriously.

Hinton says one of the biggest current problems with artificial intelligence is bias and misleading information; Because the distorted data in the dataset causes unfair results. On the other hand, software algorithms based on artificial intelligence help spread more false information and increase mental health problems.

In addition to Hinton, the Toronto conference hosted other people such as Google DeepMind’s senior manager. He and others generally had a positive view of artificial intelligence and were optimistic about the future of this technology. Industry supporters say artificial general intelligence (AGI), which will be able to reason and make decisions like humans, will help solve many problems.


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