The atmosphere of this super-hot exoplanet is composed of vaporized rock

The researchers also made another important finding about WASP 76b’s atmosphere. The atmosphere of this planet has a chemical compound called vanadium oxide, and this is the first time such a compound has been seen in the atmosphere of a planet outside the solar system. Vanadium oxide can have a large effect on hot giant planets, and that’s why astronomers are interested in investigating this compound further.

The researchers also found a higher-than-expected amount of nickel around WASP 76b, suggesting that at some point in its history, the gas giant may have swallowed a small, rocky world similar to Mercury that was rich in the element.

Astronomers continue to study the strange planet WASP 76b and similar worlds to understand how temperature affects the composition of these planets’ atmospheres. They hope that their discoveries about this planet will lead to similar findings about other near-Earth giant planets.

The above research was conducted on June 14 Nature magazine Released.

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