The arrest of VPN sellers in Qom with an income of 46 billion tomans; Accusation of money laundering in the indictment

The arrest of VPN sellers in Qom with an income of 46 billion tomans;  Accusation of money laundering in the indictment

The deputy prosecutor of Qom for cyber space affairs announced that two people have been arrested on the charge of selling filter breakers and their charges will be dealt with in the special prosecutor’s office for computer crimes in Qom.

to report ISNA Tahriri said in this regard: “These people were able to have an account turnover amounting to 460 billion riyals due to the sale of illegal tools to avoid the filter.”

According to the deputy prosecutor of Qom, their activity started in July 1401 and during this period they have sold more than 185 thousand users: “By applying the macro policies of internet access management and filtering some free software and filter breakers, witness the production, sale and distribution of tools We are a non-free self-made filter breaker inside the country, and with the monitoring of the intelligence organization of the Qom army, the sellers of one of the most widely used VPNs in Qom were arrested and a judicial case was filed against them in the 13th branch of the computer crimes complex of the provincial prosecutor’s office.

Tahriri also announced the charges included in the indictment of these defendants: “Gaining money through illegal means, producing, distributing and publishing any kind of electronic tools or software to commit computer crimes and money laundering.” According to him, according to the Anti-Money Laundering Law, 5th degree imprisonment (up to 10 years imprisonment) and fine and confiscation of the proceeds of the crime will await the accused.

The deputy prosecutor of Qom warned the sellers of anti-filter tools and emphasized the criminality of this activity and the legal treatment of the production, sale and distribution of these tools and further said: “It is necessary for cyberspace users to pay attention and be alert when using illegal filter-breakers. Regarding the possibility of servers accessing their information and abusing it, spying, directing users to phishing pages and stealing their bank information.

The high turnover of VPN sales has already been criticized by officials and some parliamentarians. Especially since the summer of 1401, the intensification of filtering has made the sales of filter breakers flourish; As far as last year, the estimates of the annual turnover of 600 billion tomans of VPN sales. Also, in June this year, one of the representatives of the parliament announced that the financial turnover of filtering is 40 to 50 thousand billion tomans.

Although this broad market showed that people seriously need tools to bypass filtering for everyday and basic tasks, policies did not move in favor of removing restrictions or rethinking filtering. On the other hand, the officials said that they are trying to criminalize the sale of filter breakers, and the recent action of the Qom prosecutor’s office shows that they are serious about dealing with the sale of filter breakers, while almost all of us need filter breakers.

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