The International Telecommunication Union obliged Starlink to cooperate with Iran

According to the Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in the last meeting of the International Telecommunication Union Radio Regulatory Board (RRB), SpaceX was required to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran to provide its satellite internet services.

Public relations of the Ministry of Communications wrote about this meeting:

Therefore, just as the Minister of Communications had previously announced the observance of “territorial laws” as a condition for the activity of satellite internet, and the report of the Majlis Research Center also mentioned the issue of observing these rules and laws, now with the follow-up of the International Telecommunication Union, Starlink has been obliged to cooperate with Iran.

Now, with the vote of the International Telecommunication Union, Starlink will be able to operate legally in Iran only by observing the landing right. Announcing this news, the Public Relations of the Ministry of Communications wrote: “In this way, an important step has been taken to legalize Starlink’s activity in our country, so that it is possible for compatriots to use this service legally.”

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