The 15-inch MacBook Air was supposed to be released a few years ago with an Intel processor

The 15-inch MacBook Air was supposed to be released a few years ago with an Intel processor


Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air has achieved decent popularity among early buyers. Apple’s product marketing managers have mentioned the process of making this new laptop in a new interview. They said that the production of the 15-inch MacBook Air is the result of using Apple silicon instead of an Intel processor.

At New interview Laura Metza member of Mac’s marketing team Thomas Tennmembers of the organizational product marketing team were present.

Metz said that Apple was planning to make a 15-inch MacBook Air while using Intel processors, but it was not possible; Because the final product did not have the color and smell of the MacBook Air: “When we started, we wanted to make a 15-inch MacBook Air; But when you think about the design of laptops at that time, you understand that such a project did not work. Laptops at that time did not look like Air products.

However, after the introduction of Apple Silicon, everything changed. Metz said that after Apple made silicon, the company “had all the right pieces in place” to bring a larger display along with significant battery life and processing power to the MacBook Air.

Metz also mentioned the huge importance of the 15-inch laptop market. Apple knew that some users wanted to increase the size of the MacBook display, but did not need the processing power of the MacBook Pro. The 15-inch MacBook Air fills that old void.

In the final part of the interview, Tan said that Apple Silicon has made the MacBook Air a much more capable device for enterprise use.


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