An experimental drug designed with artificial intelligence is tested on humans

An experimental drug designed with artificial intelligence is tested on humans


For the first time, a drug discovered and designed by artificial intelligence officially enters the middle stage of clinical trials.

Quoted from FuturismA drug called NS018_055, which is manufactured by Insilico Medicine Biotechnology Company and is designed for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, has received approval to start the second phase of trials. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis It is a chronic lung disease that often leads to debilitating breathing problems.

Getting approval for the second phase of the trial means that scientists are now moving on to examining the drug’s actual effectiveness. According to Insilico, this could be an important step forward for the emerging field of AI-powered pharmaceuticals. They believe that this development is likely to usher in an entirely new and potentially lucrative era in drug research and development.

Alex ZhavronkovInsilico’s CEO said in a statement: “This is the first drug candidate to enter Phase 2 trials. This event is considered an important milestone not only for us, but for all people who work in the field of drug discovery with artificial intelligence.”

The CEO of the company has made very ambitious promises about the future of this technology. According to Zhavronkov, this new era in pharmaceuticals ushered in by artificial intelligence is theoretically defined by a huge increase in the productivity of the industry. According to Zhavronkov, with the help of artificial intelligence, the time of drug production can be cut in half.

Insilico uses artificial intelligence models that can quickly and efficiently find new molecules that can be turned into drugs through huge data sets. In short, the company claims that it uses artificial intelligence to first identify a potential target for pharmaceuticals, then conceptualize the said drug candidate, and finally predict its effectiveness.


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