Telegram was hit by Apple again; “App Store Gods” disagree with 5 new features

Telegram a few hours ago A press release It announced some exciting features for bands and said the update was supposed to include a total of nine new features, but Apple has balked at five of them.

Messenger under management Pavel Dorf “We had planned to include five more features in this update, but the App Store gods didn’t agree with us,” says the company, which has been packing a host of exciting and useful features with its big updates over the past year. no problem; You will see these features very soon in the March update.

Apple’s opposition to Telegram updates on the iPhone is not a new thing, and we have seen this happen many times. In one of the most famous examples, the CEO of Telegram last year called Apple “the devil” and said it was time to fight this company.

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Telegram had planned some exciting features for Halloween 2022, but the app store team’s lengthy review process for the update delayed the release. At that time, Paul Dorf threatened Apple with legal action.

Telegram’s CEO said in August 1401 that this messenger had designed a very attractive feature called “Telmoji” that was never made available due to Apple’s opposition.

What do you think about Apple’s opposition to Telegram updates?

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