Microsoft Copilot was updated; Deeper access to Windows 11 settings

Microsoft Copilot was updated;  Deeper access to Windows 11 settings

Copilot’s proprietary key has not yet made its way to Windows laptops, but this smart assistant will soon receive many more features to make its role in users’ daily lives more prominent.

Microsoft in Press release It says the new Windows 11 update brings exciting new skills to Copilot so that the AI ​​can access more parts of Redmond’s popular operating system. Copilot also accepts plugins from services such as OpenTable, Shopify, and Kayak.

According to Microsoft, the new features of Copilot will arrive in March (March and April); Meanwhile, the new Windows 11 update can be downloaded right now. This update brings artificial intelligence to the Photos app and makes changes to the widget section.

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Thanks to new changes in Windows 11, Copilot can do things like enable and disable power saving mode and display battery and system information. Activating Live Captions and emptying the trash are two other Copilot features that will soon enter Windows 11.

Another important change of Copilot is plugin support. Thanks to the new update, you can book a restaurant through OpenTable and plan a trip through Kayak.

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