Tees; A secure platform for new tax services [تماشا کنید]

Motamed TIS Data Processing Company, as one of Asiatec’s subsidiary companies, was present at the 26th Alcomp Exhibition. We visited the booth of this company at Elcamp 26 to learn more about its services.

Motamed Tis data processing company is one of the five companies that has the first type of tax license and provides modern tax services. In introducing this company, the CEO of Motamed TIS Data Processing said:

“Companies such as Motamed Tis data processing company, according to the license they have received from the Tax Administration, are responsible for sending all invoices of natural and legal entities to the tax system in electronic form and in file form.”

To learn more about this company, you can watch the following video:

According to the CEO of Tis, this company is one of the five companies with first type tax license. According to the Law of Store Terminals and Taxpayer System, all natural and legal persons are required to send all their sales in the form of electronic invoices to the Taxpayer System, and Tis provides services to its customers in this regard.

The task of companies such as Motamed Tees Data Processing, which have a Type I license, is to issue, maintain and send electronic invoices. This license is given to trusted companies by five institutions, namely the Ministry of Privacy, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Communications, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Information.

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