Tapsi and Digikala applications were removed from Google Play

Tapsi and Digikala applications were removed from Google Play


On Tuesday, June 23 of this year, Google announced in an email to Divar that the Divar application was removed from Google Play and explained that this action was done with reference to Article 16.5 of the “Developers Agreement”, which refers to the sanctions imposed by the US government.

In a notice announcing this news, Dewar pointed out the consequences of removing this application from the Google store and wrote: “Removing the official Dewar application from Google Play can cause the spread of malware by abusing the name and brand of Dewar in the official Google store and violating the rights of users. »

Now, a few days after that, two widely used applications, i.e. Tapsi and Digikala, were caught in the fate of the wall.

This happens while the Google Play store has been out of reach of Iranians inside Iran since last October, following extensive filtering.

Tapsi was once again removed from the Google Play store and was unavailable for months, but after the follow-up by the Tapsi team, it returned to Google Play.


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