“Tamashakhone” wants to be the source of miniseries production [تماشا کنید]


Tamashakhone is one of the new platforms for publishing audio and video, and it has been a few months since its start. Zomit went to the booth of this platform at Elcomp 26 exhibition to find out about the activities of the theater.

Amirhossein Heydari, CEO of Raimon Media and Tamashakhone, introduced Tamashakhone in an interview with Zomit as follows: “Tamashakhone is AVOD that does not have subscription rights and is free; One of our main sources of income is advertising. An important and main strategy in the theater is to focus on miniseries. From now on, Tamashakhone’s exclusive productions will be mini-series, which is a trending and popular genre in the world’s VOD platforms. We want the theater to become a place to watch miniseries.”

You can see the exclusive interview of Zomit with the CEO of Tamashakhone and Raymon Media in this video:

Heydari also explained about Raimon Media company and said that this company is a production company and has the responsibility of supplying and producing content that is presented on Tamashakhone platform.

However, according to him, Raymon Media does not only provide services to theater producers and producers: “In addition to providing services to our own producers and producers in the theater, we can also provide services to content producers on other platforms.”

He considered one of the main activities of Raymon Media to be advertising and said: “Given that it is an AVOD theater that does not have subscription rights and is free, one of our main sources of income is advertising. We have an advertising unit in Raymon Media, which negotiates with brands and designs advertising campaigns for them. One of the media and platforms that are defined in these campaigns is the presence in the content that is broadcast on the theater platform.

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