The service “registration of passport issuance and online replacement” service was removed from My Police application

On the 9th of July, it was announced that from Saturday, July 10, 1402, applicants to apply for the issuance or renewal of their passports must refer to the “My Police” application, so that their passports will be issued and delivered in less than a week.

However, on Saturday, it was not possible to use this new service, and My Police application was not responding to applicants for online passport registration. To register their application, applicants needed to receive a code via SMS, which was either not sent to them at all, or they received it after the deadline for entering the code in the application, and it was no longer possible to use it.

In addition, applicants who had not registered in my police application before, needed an entry code during the registration and entry stage of this application, and the issue of not sending the code to the applicant’s number also existed at this stage, preventing them from registering and entering. It was announced in the news that due to the great popularity of the people, My Police application has been unavailable and Faraja engineers are trying to fix its bugs.

Although the problem of entering this app was solved yesterday, it was still not possible to register a passport application. The problems continued in the following days and are still ongoing. While in the version of the My Police app that was available until Saturday, there was an option to “register a request for issuing or renewing a passport” in the list of services, this service is not present in the current version of this app.

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