Surfshark’s report on digital quality of life indicators: Iran’s worrying position in cyber security


In this report, the Internet has been examined with five indicators, and the country’s average rank is 84 in the world and 24 in Asia in terms of affordability, Internet quality, electronic infrastructure, electronic security, and electronic governance.

According to this report, Israel, Denmark, Germany, France and Sweden have achieved the best results.

to be economical

Although some reports had considered Iran’s internet cheap by examining the cost of payment; But the report Shark Surf It shows that Iran’s position in affordability has no definition. Iran’s rank in 2022 in terms of affordability was 47, while in 2021 it was ranked 31, which means it has fallen by 16 ranks. A situation that shows that the Internet has become more expensive in the past year.

Internet affordability is estimated by two indicators, the time a user works to earn the cost needed to buy the cheapest internet. These numbers are 1191 seconds for Iranian mobile internet users and 122 minutes for fixed internet users. While, for example, in Australia, which is the 10th country in this index, each user needs 19 seconds to access the cheapest mobile internet and 94 minutes to the cheapest fixed internet.

Israel has the most affordable internet, followed by Armenia and Germany, and Ivory Coast, Uganda and Mali have the most expensive internet.

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