SpaceX’s Crew 7 mission will be launched on August 24 under the command of Yasmin Moqbali

According to NASA officials, Crew 7 is the first future space flight of Borisov and the second space flight of Mogensen and Furukawa. The four-person mission team will be on the ISS for about 6 months before returning to Earth via the Dragon Endurance spacecraft.

Crew 7, as its name suggests, is the seventh operational manned mission that SpaceX is carrying out for NASA. The Endurance spacecraft had previously participated in these missions twice (Cro 3 and Crew 5).

The members of the Crew 6 mission, which went into orbit in the middle of March 1401, will return to Earth shortly after the Crew 7 mission is completed.

Crew 7 is SpaceX’s 11th manned space flight. In addition to NASA’s operational flights, this company conducted the Demo-2 test flight in 2020. Other flights included the tourism missions Inspiration 4 and Axiom 1 and 2.

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