Asus ROG Swift 360 Hz monitor review; Processing 750 million pixels per second!

Among the games that support Nvidia’s Reflex technology, we should mention Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Valorant, Hogwarts Legacy and Counter-Strike 2. It is clear that all the mentioned games are online first-person shooters or ESports, and the main Reflex also appears in these two styles.

Among other attractive features of the ROG Swift monitor, we should mention the support of Asus Aura Sync, which can be used to coordinate the RGB lighting of different parts of the case with the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

In the monitor settings menu, there is a sub-menu called GamePlus and it includes features such as StopWatch, timer, FPS counter and CrossHair. In addition, users who use two or more monitors can use the Display Alignment feature to adjust the height of the monitors and make the output of images more unified.

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