SpaceX worker went into a coma; A complaint against Elon Musk’s space company

SpaceX worker went into a coma;  A complaint against Elon Musk’s space company

to report Reutersthe wife of a SpaceX worker, from this company to Elon Musk belongs, has complained. This worker’s skull was broken due to a rocket engine failure in 2022.

Francisco Cabada He was among the workers who were injured in the engine failure incident on January 18, 2022 (28 January 1400). Reuters reported at least 600 unreported injuries in late 2023. These injuries included crushed hands and feet, amputation, electrocution, head and eye injuries, and one death.

Yedi KabadaFrancisco Cabada’s wife filed the lawsuit last week in state court in Los Angeles on behalf of her husband, who has been in a coma for more than two years.

Cabada was injured when part of the Raptor V2 engine broke off during a pressure test at a SpaceX facility. This part landed on the SpaceX technician’s head and fractured his skull.

Senior executives had warned of the dangers of rapid engine development, along with insufficient staff training and component testing, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. According to employees, the part that failed and hit the worker had a defect that was discovered before testing but not fixed.

SpaceX’s Raptor engines power the massive Starship rocket. Starship is the next generation rocket of SpaceX, which is designed to send satellites and humans into space. NASA plans to use Starship to land humans on the moon this decade.

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