Europe gave a serious warning to Apple; Continued criticism of the new App Store rules

While Apple’s new rules in the European Union give iPhone software developers more freedom, some critics believe the company’s fee structure is unfair and may not comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

According to Reuters, Thierry Burton, the Commissioner of the Internal Market in the European Union, stated that if Apple’s new rules are not in line with the DMA, the Cupertinos will face serious measures due to the use of monopolistic solutions. Burton announced that they will review Apple’s announcements before March 7 (March 17).

The new rules of the American giant allow the installation of apps outside of the Apple Store (sideloading) and even leave developers free to not use Apple’s in-app payment system (up to 30% of the fee); But the new fee known as Core Technology Fee has become very newsworthy.

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Under the new rules, developers must submit their apps to Apple for a security review. Developers using separate app stores must pay 50 cents for annual app installs after 1 million downloads.

Major companies such as Epic Games, Mozilla, and Spotify, while declaring that Apple’s proposed fee is a form of extortion, consider the new rules unfair and monopolistic.

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