Sound dome and artificial intelligence footprint; The best features of the LG soundbar

Sound dome and artificial intelligence footprint;  The best features of the LG soundbar


The LG SC9S soundbar has been released as the flagship and best soundbar of this Korean company, and basically, LG experts have designed it in such a way that it can increase the sales of the soundbar along with the LG TV. In this way, the SC9S soundbar integrates as beautifully as possible into the design of C series OLED TVs of 2022 and 2023 models.

The LG SC9S soundbar ships with special hooks, called the WOW Bracket, that allow consumers to easily mount their soundbar under LG’s C2 or C3 TVs. There is also a small back strap that can be attached to the back of the hook, making the soundbar look like a TV stand. The hook can even be attached to the wall.

The LG SE6S soundbar, on the other hand, is designed as a compact and all-in-one model to replace the Eclair QP5 soundbar. This soundbar houses driver 3.0 and has a dedicated center channel and 25mm tweeter.

Bass sound is usually not considered much in the design of soundbars; But, LG’s SE6S soundbar is separately amplified by at least four bass radiator chambers/ports, and LG claims it delivers decent output; But you have to wait until it is examined by experts and its performance in low-bass presentation is evaluated.

Although there’s no upward-firing channel on the SE6S soundbar, LG says; But it has been able to add a sense of height to the sound level by using the three-level sound feature and Virtual Dolby technology. Apart from the fact that the SE6S soundbar does not come with a suitable C3 TV hook, the difference with the SC9S soundbar is that it does not support IMAX Enhanced audio content.

Features of LG soundbars

Hook for WOW Bracket

One of the most important features of LG’s new soundbar in the SC9S flagship model is the special hooks or brackets that are not designed to be attached to the wall separately and independently, but instead allow direct connection to LG’s OLED TVs.

In such a case, by changing the angle of the TV and turning it to the left or right, the audio player, the soundbar connected to the TV, will also rotate in the same direction and thus, in addition to the image, the audio content will also be played in the same direction. This issue can have a tangible effect in more angles.

The SC9S soundbar brackets can be attached to the bottom of the TV in two modes: a TV stand or an under-TV installation that is placed on the wall. These hooks are compatible with OLED TVs LG C2 or C3 in dimensions of 55, 65 and 77 inches.

WOW Orchestra feature

LG’s 2023 soundbars are fully integrated with the company’s televisions to increase the sense of immersion in sound waves for the listener and induce a deeper and deeper sense of what the viewer is watching.


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