According to the order of the working group to determine criminal cases, Tradez application was removed from Cafe Bazaar

The Trades application, which was available on Cafe Bazaar from the time of its launch until the last day, July 20th, and users were able to download and install it, has been removed from this platform since yesterday. In response to Zomit’s follow-up on the removal of this program, the public relations of Cafe Bazaar announced that it received a notice from the Criminal Instances Working Group yesterday that it should remove the Trades application from its platform.

Trades social network was released by Meta Company as a new social network owned by Instagram on July 15th and became available to users all over the world, now it has more than 100 million users.

This text-based platform, which was designed and built as a competitor to the old social network Twitter, was filtered in Iran since last Thursday, and users who intend to be on this platform with an Iranian IP have to bypass the filtering to use it. Turn on VPN.

Therefore, the release and launch of Trades added a new social network to the previous social networks and added another filtered platform to the list of platforms out of reach of Iranian users. Of course, filtering is not the only restriction that users inside Iran have to access Trades, and removing this app from Cafe Bazaar is another limiting way for this social network.

In this way, just as none of the applications of Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., which are filtered in Iran, are available in the software and application stores, Tradez has also been removed from Cafe Bazaar.

Of course, deleting these applications cannot prevent their download and installation; Because users who intend to use filtered social networks always use VPN to access these networks, and now they can download this application from Google Play Store with the same VPN that is often turned on.

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