Samsung phones become unrivaled in the field of gaming

Samsung phones become unrivaled in the field of gaming

According to the claim Revegnus account In Social Network X, Samsung, Qualcomm and AMD are jointly developing FidelityFX Super Resolution or FSR technology for Galaxy series phones.

The exact details of Samsung and AMD’s project have not been released yet, but it is likely that we will see FSR technology only in the Galaxy S series flagship phones. The presence of Qualcomm in this project shows that FSR will probably be optimized for the Snapdragon processor.

FSR is AMD’s exciting technology to improve the resolution and frame rate of games on the PC platform and is a competitor to Nvidia DLSS. This technology is compatible with all kinds of AMD graphics cards and makes the experience of video games more exciting; But not all games can support FSR.

One of the biggest differences between FSR and DLSS is that AMD’s upscaling technology doesn’t use artificial intelligence, but Nvidia’s does. It is possible that the mobile version of FSR will significantly improve the gaming performance of the phone thanks to artificial intelligence.

It is not clear whether the addition of FSR technology to Samsung’s flagship products will increase the price of the Galaxy S24 and the price of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and Ultra. The new Samsung phones will probably be unveiled in December.

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