Apple’s financial report; Performance beyond expectations thanks to iPhone 15 and software services

Tim CookApple’s CEO said in the company’s new financial conference that the performance of the iPhone 15 in the final quarter of the fiscal year 2023 was better than the performance of the iPhone 14 in the final quarter of the fiscal year 2022. He also said that the high demand for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max caused Apple to have problems in supplying these phones.

The sales of Apple’s Macs in the last season dropped by about 34% compared to last year. Apple unveiled the new generation of Mac series computers on Tuesday this week to increase the revenue of this business unit in the current season.

Tim Cook says that the PC market is facing many challenges, but probably the M3 processor can increase Mac sales in the current quarter.

iPad business revenue fell 10% from 2022. Contrary to expectations, Apple did not show any new iPads on the eve of the holiday season of this year and will probably unveil new iPad models early next year.

Apple’s software services business continues to see bright days. The 16% growth of this business shows that software services are now a significant part of Apple’s empire.

Apple’s service business includes subscription services such as iCloud and Apple Music, AppleCare warranty service, various software, and the App Store online store. According to Tim Cook, “all major software services set new records.”

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