Samsung phone test code; from battery health test to volume increase

Samsung phone test code; from battery health test to volume increase

Suppose you plan to buy a used Samsung phone and you cannot test all its features and make sure of the health of the functions. In this situation, secret codes can be used; Because in just a few seconds you can identify different problems of the device or make sure that different parts are healthy.

Samsung secret codes are designed to troubleshoot and fix some technical problems of this company’s smartphones or to quickly access some features and functions. The Korean tech giant has provided a large number of secret codes for developers, which are mostly used only by professional users. These codes are widely used for troubleshooting, debugging and testing various functions of Samsung phones.

How to use Samsung phone secret codes?

To use secret codes on your Samsung phone, simply open the dialer and after typing the desired secret code, tap the call transfer button marked with a green phone icon. To put it better, the method of using the code is exactly like when you want to call someone’s phone number and you just have to enter the desired code instead of the phone number.

Samsung phone secret codes in One UI

Next, we review the secret codes of Samsung’s exclusive user interface known as One UI. These codes work on most phones of the Korean company.

Viewing the IMEI code of the Samsung phone:

Checking the multiple functions of the device (RGB function, receiver, vibration motor, touch sensitivity, speaker, camera sensors, S-Pen, sound, software version, etc.):

Change USB settings of Samsung phone:

ADC battery status check and RSSI reading and many other options of Samsung phone:

Access to GSM information and status:

Viewing the Samsung phone hardware version:

Viewing the software version of the Samsung phone:

Checking the configuration of the Samsung phone troubleshooting system:

Check Dump Mode on Samsung phone:

Check hardware and software information and production date of Samsung phone:

Checking the voice control on the Samsung phone:

Samsung phone camera firmware version update:

Checking the network lock key code on the Samsung phone:

Viewing and updating TSP and TSK firmware on Samsung phones:

Viewing the product code on a Samsung phone:

Viewing the firmware of the camera in the Samsung phone:

Activate call waiting on Samsung phone:

Disabling call waiting on a Samsung phone:

Viewing the status of the call waiting feature on the Samsung phone:

Viewing your mobile number on a Samsung phone:

The secret code to change the PIN code of the Samsung phone (pay attention instead of [old Pin] The previous pin code should be used instead [new Pin] Replace the new PIN code):

Call divert on Samsung phone (instead of [number] Substitute the number you want your calls to be forwarded to):

Disabling divert on Samsung phone:

Samsung phone battery health test code

You can check the battery of Samsung phone using secret codes. This action will be very useful especially when buying used phones. For this purpose, you must enter the following code in the phone dialer and tap on the call button:

After entering the above code, you will see a menu containing information on the current charge level of the device, voltage, etc.; Of course, the section we are considering in this menu is Level Block.

Simply put, Level Block shows a range between 0 and 8, which is related to different levels of charging your phone. For example, the charge area from 100 to 88 is displayed as Level Block 8.

For example, if your Block Level is 7; But its range is from 0 to 8; That is, if you charge the device’s battery to 100%, you will reach level 8, which is the maximum level of the block. If the Level Block range reaches from 0 to 8 to 0 to 7 or 0 to 6; It means that your battery is damaged and cannot be charged to 100% capacity in 8 blocks.

Samsung phone test code for LCD

The secret code for Samsung phones to check the screen allows you to find problems related to the screen. With these codes, you can check various information such as colors, dead pixels, touch sensitivity, calibration, etc.

Use the following code to test different aspects of your Samsung phone, including display, color accuracy, dead pixels, and touch sensitivity:

The following code is also intended for testing the Samsung display. If the previous one does not work on your phone, you can use this code to test your phone’s screen:

Samsung phone sound test code

Samsung phones provide you with several secret codes to check the sound, which we will review next.

Audio loop test code:

Entering the sound settings of the Samsung phone:

After entering the above code, go to Hardware Testing > Audio and from this section you can change the maximum volume. If the above code doesn’t work, you can increase the volume output with the following code:

Now you need to go to H/W test > Audio Settings > MP3 spk > Rx Vol. In this section, there are 14 different levels that you can choose from.

Samsung phone operating code

You can view and reset the total duration of the conversation on your phone using the secret code. For this purpose, enter the following code in the phone’s dialer and tap the call button.

If the above code doesn’t work on your Samsung device, you can similarly use the following code:

Note that depending on the model of your Samsung phone, some of the codes presented in this article may not work on that device. Anyway, we tried to introduce you the latest available codes and in some cases even two different codes.

If you know another secret application code for Samsung phone, share it with Zoomit and other users in the comments section.

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