Samsung has a special program for the external display of Z Flip 5

Samsung’s second Unpacked event in 2023 will arrive in a few days, and we can say with full confidence that we will see the unveiling of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 at this event. As we get closer to this event, the amount of images and information revealed about these products will increase. In the newly published images of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, we not only see this phone in different angles, but we also see a number of features that Samsung has planned for the external screen.

Some time ago, a whistleblower named Roland Quandt published a number of promotional images of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, but after a few hours, he removed these images from his page for an unknown reason.

In the published images, you can see the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in closed, half-open and from the side angle. Based on these images, it seems that, contrary to previous rumors, Samsung has managed to eliminate the gap between the two parts of the phone when it is closed, in addition to a more beautiful appearance, by preventing the entry of dust particles when the phone is closed. Increase the amount of protection of the internal screen against dust.

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