Handheld consoles will soon come with replaceable batteries

Handheld consoles will soon come with replaceable batteries


Thanks to new EU regulations, the next generation of handheld game consoles can use replaceable batteries.

Tessa RiberaThe Minister of Environment of Spain said in a statement: “Batteries are the key to the decarbonization process. End-of-life batteries are valuable resources and we need to be able to reuse them.”

The new EU regulations will apply to all batteries, including electric car batteries, industrial batteries, electric bicycle batteries, electric scooters, etc. The law in question also applies to handheld consoles such as Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

Therefore, we expect the possibility of replacing the battery of handheld consoles by 2027. According to the new law, users must be able to replace the batteries of these types of products.

written by CNETAdditionally, companies are asked to provide information on the carbon footprint of their batteries, including battery components and recovery content, along with a QR code to access more information. Labeling requirements will be implemented in 2026 and QR code requirements by 2027.

Although the new rules only apply to EU member states, the move is likely to force handheld console manufacturers to offer replaceable batteries in other countries as well, rather than making a separate product for that market.


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