Samsung and MediaTek want to break the 5G upload speed record

Samsung and MediaTek want to break the 5G upload speed record


Samsung and Mediatek have achieved a significant milestone in 5G upload speed performance. The two companies conducted extensive tests in the South Korean technology giant’s laboratory to demonstrate the results of their capabilities.

The pioneering achievement of Samsung and MediaTek included the use of an independent 5G network. Samsung Networks used the 5G core and C-Band Massive MIMO radios, which is a virtual distributed unit (vDU), for testing. MediaTek presented a test device equipped with a new M80-based CPU chip, which uses three antennas in one channel. The result of the joint efforts of these two companies was to achieve an amazing upload speed of 363 Mbps.

Gizmochina He writes that the progress of Samsung and MediaTek has a lot of potential for future consumer products; Because it significantly increases the network upload speed, this feature is very useful for activities such as high-definition live video streaming, video conferencing on the go, and multiplayer games, and will provide smoother performance.

Dongwoo Lee, Head of Technology Solutions Group at Samsung Networks, expressed his excitement about the achievement and its potential for consumer devices. High upload speed has advantages that transform the user experience. Lee It emphasized Samsung and MediaTek’s commitment to improving their customers’ networks using the most advanced technology available.


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