Receiving coaching advices in Cardix and introduction to hiring managers inside and outside the country

Receiving coaching advices in Cardix and introduction to hiring managers inside and outside the country


Since the beginning of 1402, Talent Coach under the name Cardix has become a platform for providing career coaching (career counseling) as well as a platform for providing career opportunities. Kardix’s goal is to provide job coaching and mentoring services to job seekers with any level of work experience and also helps them in the field of recruitment and employment in domestic and foreign companies.

Cardix website

Cardix, is a smart yet simple platform for job seekers, employers and headhunters. The main goal of Kardix is ​​to improve the career path of job seekers and find their ideal job, and in this way, it takes help from top managers and experts in various fields, including human resources. Job seekers have the possibility to from Cardix career coaching and consulting services Use it to enter the job market or improve your career. In addition, with the help of Kardix’s job aggregator service, job seekers will no longer need to go to job search websites and can send a resume for their ideal job from among more than 9,000 job positions that are a compilation of all job opportunities on job search sites. do

In the following, we will talk about Kardix services and we will give you a discount code that has no expiration date and is for the first purchase, and with its help, you can book a meeting with the specialist you want at a lower cost, specialized career coaching services. Receive and finally be introduced to the country’s top recruitment managers.

Cardix career coaching services

The most important services of Kardix include the provision of specialized career coaching services (career counseling), evaluation of job seekers by experts, introduction of job seekers to recruitment and hiring managers inside and outside the country, and finally providing a summary of all job opportunities on job search sites. The services mentioned below help job seekers to enter the job market or improve their career in the shortest possible time and at a low cost.

1. Career path design

Choosing among dozens and hundreds of jobs is not an easy task at all. In this way, you should consider your interest, feelings and also your talent so that you can choose a job that is perfect for you. At Cardix, experts evaluate you based on your interests and goals and offer you the most suitable career options based on these. Determining a career path, especially for people who have just graduated and are planning to enter the labor market, is very helpful and makes it easier for them to enter the labor market.

2. Persian resume evaluation / LinkedIn

Another Kardix service is providing advice to people who want to focus on their career development. For this, Kardix experts review your work history, skills and strengths in your resume as well as LinkedIn and offer you solutions for career advancement.

In this area of ​​Kardix services, experts focus on your skills and strengths to prepare a resume that will attract the attention of recruitment experts, meet all the needs of the job opportunities and ultimately lead to success in the job application. This work is also done for the LinkedIn profile, and the changes applied to the LinkedIn profile are done with the aim of being aligned with the resume and being recognized by hiring managers and headhunters.

This part of Cardix services is very helpful, especially for senior managers. Since senior managers do not send resumes for job openings and companies usually come to them for hiring, updating LinkedIn can be a useful step for them to improve their personal branding and make the hiring process easier.

3. job improvement

Career counseling is not only for fresh graduates and many who like to take a step towards career development can benefit from these services. Among Cardix’s services, there is also career mentoring, which will lead to receiving a career road map to achieve the goals of professionals in the career development path. Getting a road map for job promotion can be considered suitable for the following people:

• Middle managers who want to be promoted to the position of senior manager.

• Senior experts who intend to be promoted to the position of middle manager.

• Experts who intend to promote their career to the position of senior expert and specialist.

4. Preparation for HR interview

In this section of Cardix services, you will be prepared for job interviews by experts and you will receive important tips for success in the human resources interview stage. These points are presented in the test sessions with the aim of evaluating soft skills and strengths and weaknesses, and finally, a winning strategy for success in the interview session will be presented to the applicants.

5. Preparation for technical interview

At this stage of recruitment, you will be faced with questions that may be difficult for any job seeker to guess. In the technical interview, your technical skills are supposed to be evaluated. At Cardix, experts will conduct trial sessions with you, and the purpose of these sessions will be to work on your weaknesses and improve them, as well as focus on your specialist knowledge. This Cardix service is suitable for the following people:

• People who intend to send a job application for senior expert and middle manager positions.

• People who intend to send a job application for specialized and strategic job positions.

6. English resume evaluation

To be successful when applying for international job opportunities, you must have a standard resume in English. At Cardix and with the help of this website’s experts, you can improve your resume and prepare it for success at the job application stage. Your resume will be reviewed based on recruiting and hiring standards, your strengths, skills, educational and work history, and finally, it will be optimized according to the job position.

Booking a meeting with experts and receiving professional career coaching services from Cardix

Job seekers and professionals with a discount code hirkardix They can book a meeting with their desired specialist with a 10% discount until July 20th, and in addition to receiving specialized career coaching services, they can also be introduced to the country’s top recruiting and hiring managers.


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