Sadad unveiled his serious visual identity


Azadeh Nouri, Sadad’s human resources manager, said in the continuation of the ceremony: “By designing new and dynamic strategies, we want to put the company on a path of progress, and based on this, we are trying to create great experiences for customers and make sure that Sadad’s customers are the best. He gains experience in using Sadad’s services.”

After the unveiling of the new visual identity, Sadad’s art director Arin Moqbali said about the design of the new logo and its concepts: “The first point in Sadad’s visual identity is dynamism and the first step to growth is movement; For this reason, we used the line element. Also, the butterfly design is a symbol of maturity and growth, and the yellow color represents the purpose and brilliance of Sadad electronic payment.

At the end of this ceremony, Mohammad Hossein Kashi, the CEO of Sadad Electronic Payment Company, also attended the journalists and said: “One of the main goals of the changes made in Sadad is to move towards greater agility in the organization and to reach the first place in the amount of transactions in the market.”

He also said about the time of entry of Sadad electronic payment company to the stock exchange: “The necessary approvals for this matter have been obtained from the National Bank and Sadad electronic payment company will be in the coming months and Maybe even in the coming weeks in the Tehran Stock Exchange to be present.”

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