Researchers create three-dimensional scenes by reflecting light on the human eye

Researchers create three-dimensional scenes by reflecting light on the human eye


Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a system that essentially turns the human eye into a mirror. The research team managed to convert what the person is looking at into a 3D scene by sequentially recording the images reflected on the human eye through binoculars.

A key element of the researchers’ technique is that humans are not stationary. The movement of the head, even if it is very small, creates different perspectives of the opposite scene on the eyes, and thus the process of virtual reconstruction of the scene becomes easier.

When training their neural network to deal with the complexity of iris tissues and solve the problem of low-resolution light reflection, researchers used corneal state optimization and iris tissue decomposition.

written by TechSpot, researchers succeeded in reconstructing 3D scenes using data obtained from the human eye with different colors. This research team has shared a video of their prototype system, which looks very interesting and scary.

It is worth mentioning that the initial results of the 3D scene creation system based on light reflection on the human eye were obtained in laboratory conditions with ideal light conditions and deliberate head movement. In addition, the recorded results were better than the artificial eye.

The researchers also correctly emphasized that the human eye is a source of information that is not considered in the world around us. It is very interesting to imagine what role the said technology will play in criminal cases without evidence.


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