Regulatory: International Internet links were cut off from the Armenian side


At noon on Friday, the second of July, users faced severe disruptions in accessing the international Internet. This disruption even caused some users to not have access to internal sites and programs and many payment operations had problems.

But the regulator limited itself to a short notice in response to these problems. The Regulatory and Radio Communications Organization announced in this announcement that the disturbances were due to the interruption of the incoming Internet path in Armenia: “According to the public relations report of the Regulatory and Radio Communications Organization, today (Friday) at 12:22 some Internet links Internationally, the entry from the side of Armenia to the territory of Georgia was cut off.

Therefore, according to the previous arrangements, the required bandwidth was provided quickly and in the shortest time by the infrastructure communication company from other incoming routes.

Currently, the amount of international bandwidth is at least twice as much as the country’s users need, and the country’s communication situation is in a stable condition.” This announcement was published at 15:32, but the problem was not resolved so quickly for users.

Since the beginning of last year, there have been severe disturbances in the international Internet. Before Shahrivar 1401, the reason for most of these malfunctions was the wear and tear of the internal power cables of the telecommunication center, the disconnection of the optical fiber, the fire in the telecommunication basin, and technical problems in general.

But from 30 September, when the outages for several hours and then the disruptions intensified, first the limitations of the security devices were the reason for these disruptions, and then no reason was announced for the numerous disruptions. In two cases, it was finally said that technical problems in line with network development and cyber attacks were the cause of the disruptions.

Severe disruptions and disruption of daily activities and damage to businesses is not a new thing for people. Officials have apologized two or three times for the disruptions, but the lack of transparency has caused users to not accept these one-line explanations and apologies as the main reason. Especially since global reports show that Iran applies several technical strategies to restrict the Internet.

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